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Printers have become a common component of the everyday modern life. Whether it is a note, a presentation or a photo, printers are used in offices and homes all across the world. Currently, there are many different types of printers in the world, using different technology, components and branding. And today, we will look into two of the most common printers out there and try to understand their difference.

“Inkjet” and “Deskjet” both refer to printers using similar technology, but “Deskjet” have been developed and branded by the company HP. In another tone, one could say that Deskjet are inkjet printers made by HP.

Traditional Inkjet printers use a print head that ejects tiny drops of ink onto a paper for the printer. Inkjets vary in size, price and performance, ranging from home and office specific ones to professional ones. The technology for inkjet printing was developed in the 1950s using known concepts. However, it was in the 1970s when they were first used to print computer-generated images. Today, there are four major inkjet manufacturers: HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark. Inkjet printers typically function in one of the two ways using DOD, Drop-On-Demand, and CIJ, Continuous Inkjet technology.

Deskjet printers are inkjets that have been developed and manufactured by the brand HP. Made primarily for desk placements at offices and homes, the main difference lies in the branding of the product with the specific name “Deskjet”. HP uses thermal inkjet technology which was developed in 1979 and is now one of the major players in the printer market. The first Deskjet was launched in 1988 and it was capable of printing two pages per minute. It was the first single-sheet printer designed for desktop use, and since then, many models have been successfully introduced to the consumers till date. Deskjet was considered as the inexpensive alternative to laser printers and gained huge popularity due to their speed and quality. Some of the modern Deskjet features include high-speed, wireless connectivity, lightweight, inexpensive and disposable printheads.

When compared head to head, inkjet printers are cheaper than Deskjet, however, the ink quality is much lower. Due to the replaceable printheads and better ink quality, Deskjet can produce smoother and better quality results. The resolutions of inkjet printers vary from 1200 X 1200 DPI to 4800 X 1200 DPI, while Deskjet offer resolutions from 600 X 600 DPI to 2400 X 2400 DPI.

Now that you know which one is which, and what are the major differences among inkjets and Deskjets, you can choose your own one wisely. For further guidance, tips and all other printer needs, reach out to us at Ink On The Run.

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