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When it comes to using a printer in modern times, we generally only think of the convenience of being able to hit “print” and get what we wanted in our hands in no time. Whether it be at home or at the office, we typically do not think about how much it actually costs. Without even realising, you might be wasting resources as the costs add up, which could be easily prevented only if someone told you how to. Thus today, we will share 7 awesome tips with you that will not only help you save a lot of money when using a printer but also help to make it last more efficiently.

  1. Set your printer to draft mode

One of the simplest ways to cut down on your ink usage is to go to your printer’s software settings, and select draft or eco-mode. With this mode, the printer sprays less ink helping you save 5%-10% per page. For everyday basic use, the quality is good enough and can be changed back to better quality whenever needed.

  1. Don’t be fooled by low cartridge warnings

Whenever you printer runs low on ink, there are warning notifications either in the form of a flashing light or pop up boxes on your screen that tell you that the cartridge must be changed immediately. However, in reality, that is not the case, as research shows that most cartridge that shows the warning, might still have as much as 40% ink left in them. Take them as a reminder that they need to be replaced soon, but not as long as there is still ink in them. Wait for it to completely run out.

  1. Check for errors

It is not that rare to find yourself in a scenario where you find mistakes in your words or writing after you have done the print. Instead of fixing and reprinting them to waste more ink, always be sure the check your work before hitting the initial print. There is no point at being careless and doing the same thing more than once.

  1. Try eco fonts

While traditional fonts are great with their smoothness and unbroken lines, they do consume a lot of ink. Eco fonts, on the other hand, have empty dots or lines within each letter, giving it a slightly faded look, but helping to cut down ink usage by as much as 25%.

  1. Consider Ink Refills

Whenever you run out of ink in your cartridge, don’t just rush to buy a new one. A more cost effective option would be to get your cartridge ink refilled. Not only does it cost less, if you do not want to buy from the original equipment manufacturer brand, you can even go for cheaper third party inks.

  1. Don’t print photos at home

Though it seems convenient to be able to get your very own high-quality photos printed at home, it is very costly. From photo grade papers to the high-density ink usage for quality resolution, the total cost soon stacks up. A much cheaper option is to just let photo labs to the printing for you, while you use your printer for all the lighter tasks.

  1. Practice buying in bulks

Most people have the practice of not buying ink or paper until they absolutely needed it. Though that has become the norm, buying frequently in small batches do cost a lot more. Try to buy your papers and cartridges in bulk, and save a lot on the overall cost. Getting a scheduled subscription service is great, as it cuts down the cost you have to pay at bricks and mortar stores.

That is where our service Ink On The Run comes in handy, giving you the price of bulk purchases right at your door, without having to have stacks of cartridges piled up at your home. Whenever you run out of anything, we are just a phone call away for getting all your printing needs delivered to your door.

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