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Chocolate or vanilla, apple or orange, cricket or football, there are some age-old questions that never seem to have a clear winner. The same is the tale between genuine and generic toners. While genuine toners pride on quality, generic ones are more cost effective, making it another battle that has no clear winner. But fear not, as today we dive into this debate and help you find out all you need to know about the two toner types.

The first thing we need to understand is, what is a genuine toner and a generic toner? Genuine toners are toners that are made the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and are generally needed to run the printer of that manufacturer. OEMs sell printers at a low price, and try to make their profit by selling the toners that people need regularly, at a high price. Generic toners on the other hand are toners made by third-party manufacturers and are compatible branded printers. Simply put, they are the alternative to the genuine toners and cost much less.

Generic toners are not remanufactured or refilled, and are made fresh with no recycled parts. That is why they are considered to be of better quality compared with remanufactured or refilled toners. But the big question is, are they as good as genuine one? To know that, we must look into the pros and cons of both.

Where the generic toners win?

The biggest reason why the generic toners are even compared with genuine ones is the cost. People who need to replace toner cartridges regularly do get worried about the cost of genuine ones over a long period of time, and start considering the cheaper alternative. Though it is no big secret that generic ones are cheaper, we must try to know why exactly is that. As we mentioned before, OEMs

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