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Why its’ so important to recycle your cartridges

Whether you are an office or a household, if you are using any type of printer you would have dealt with cartridges when they run out of ink. Now generally the two options are to get a new one or have the old one recycled. Today, we will discuss how and why recycling cartridges are the smarter option, and how

Tips to save on printing costs

When it comes to using a printer in modern times, we generally only think of the convenience of being able to hit "print" and get what we wanted in our hands in no time. Whether it be at home or at the office, we typically do not think about how much it actually costs. Without even realising, you might be

Tips to maintaining your printer

Whether it is at your home or at your office, the printer is a very handy tool when it comes to getting something printed in no time. However, if you do not know how to maintain and take care of it, things can go wrong right when you need to print something very important. And just like every other electronic

What’s the difference between inkjet and DeskJet printers

Printers have become a common component of the everyday modern life. Whether it is a note, a presentation or a photo, printers are used in offices and homes all across the world. Currently, there are many different types of printers in the world, using different technology, components and branding. And today, we will look into two of the most common

How printer ink is made

Generally, ink is a liquid or paste made from pigments and dyes that give it the specific colour. For printing ink, the colours are made using pigments instead of dyes. If you are using a printer, you have probably heard of the term toners too, and it is very easy to get them confused with inks. However, toners are different,

Genuine vs. generic toners

Chocolate or vanilla, apple or orange, cricket or football, there are some age-old questions that never seem to have a clear winner. The same is the tale between genuine and generic toners. While genuine toners pride on quality, generic ones are more cost effective, making it another battle that has no clear winner. But fear not, as today we dive

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